Frequently asked questions about mediation

How long does mediation take to complete? 

There is no set time for mediation though most cases settle in 2 to 6 sessions. Progress depends primarily on the complexity and number of issues as well as how easily you and your spouse communicate.

Do I need an attorney?

The mediator is neutral party and cannot give you legal advice, even if he or she is an attorney.  It is advised, but not required, that you have an attorney review any mediated settlement agreement.

What happens when mediation is over?

The mediator will provide you with a Memorandum of Understanding which sets forth all of the agreements made by you and your spouse during mediation.  At our office, the Memorandum of Understanding can be put in the form of a Marital Settlement Agreement which is the document ultimately filed with the court.

Either party may have the Agreement reviewed by an attorney.  At attorney for one of the parties must file a Complaint for Divorce with the court and will ultimately obtain a Final Judgment of Divorce which incorporates the mediated agreement.

Is mediation only for traditional divorce?

No.  Mediation can be used to resolve any issues.

What are the main benefits to mediation?

Mediation is much faster than litigation and often completed in several months. You can schedule the sessions at your convenience. You control how the case is decided, not a judge. All roceedings are confidential. The issues are resolved in an atmosphere of cooperation, saving emotional and financial resources.